St Wilfrid's Church, Ventnor Isle of Wight

Pax et bonum


Welcome to our website. We’re a Franciscan Group of professed OFS members, enquirers, visitors and other faithful people seeking guidance and encouragement on our spiritual journey, whilst giving help and support to everyone in our group.   We hope  you enjoy your visit to our pages, that your ears like what they’re about to hear, your eyes venture over images that encourage thought and that your mind listens to written words which speak of love and life with God, as a Franciscan whose cloister is the world.

If you have any thoughts, queries or questions and would like to know more about joining us or the Secular Franciscan Order – the Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis – feel free to email

Although our website is not the official online presence of the Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis of Great Britain – the OFSGB – some of our group are professed members and we do represent the secular Franciscan way of life and living to the OFS Rule, first formed in 1221.

Elizabeth is a member of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham and lives on the Isle of Wight where she enjoys walks along the beach with Alfie her Cairn Terrier. She has had an interest in Franciscan Spirituality for over 20 years.