Praise Prayers

God Who is …

God Who is Father
be merciful to us.

God Who is Son
be Brother to us.

God Who is Spirit
be love to us.

God Who is One
unite us who are many.

God Who is Three
watch over each one of us.

God Who is Truth
blot out our lies.

God the Incomprehensible
make us understand.

God the Unutterable
say but the word.

God the Immeasurable
widen our vision.

God the Unchangeable
make us our true selves.

God Ancient of everlasting days
be near us this moment.

God of Light Inaccessible
help us to see.

God of Fire All-Consuming
warm our cold hearts.

God of Water All-Cleansing
wash out our guilt.

God of Earth All-Sustaining
inspire us to share.

God the All-Holy
teach us Your ways.

God the All-Merciful
make us kind to each other.

God the All-Powerful
be strength in our weakness.

God the Transcendent
draw closer to us.

God the Eternal
take care of our time.

God the Creator
watch over the world.

God the Universe
Bless all You have made.


Eric Doyle OFM 1938-1984
St Francis and the Brotherhood 1980 [page 175-176]

Photo: Kimb0lene of Flickr
Portsmouth Harbour on a slightly foggy morning 01/12/2012

Elizabeth is a member of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. She has had an interest in Franciscan Spirituality for over 20 years.