The Lord gives us the grace to fulfil any task he puts before us. If he has called us to be Franciscans for the Church and the world by observing the gospel, we are certain that he provides the means to accomplish this vocation.

Benet A Fonck OFM : Called to Proclaim Christ

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Interaction with the Living Christ

One of the primary ways that his grace is manifested to us is through his own presence which is always present in various forms for us to encounter and respond to. Through such interaction with the living and active person of Christ, our relationship with him becomes more intense, our commitment to the gospel is deepened, and our three-fold task of change of heart, community-building, and evangelisation become more firmly our way of life.

Benet A Fonck OFM : Called to Proclaim Christ

It’s God’s Holy Spirit within us who enables our belief and true joyful enthusiasm to observe Christ’s Gospel and to accomplish tasks for God.  It’s His indwelling Spirit that leads us to sense the living Christ in our world, our home, in Creation – as we travel to work, walk along the beach, in fields and parks, along town and city pavements.  We know Christ is with us but can we fully explain his presence?  Probably not very well – this is why the Church Fathers declared Christ’s presence with us as a Holy Mystery.  Yet as Secular Franciscans we try to live by the Gospel, we are nurtured by our Rule to seek Christ’s presence wherever we are, whatever we’re doing and however we feel.  Christ enhances the beauty of life, of all life – yours, those you love and mine.

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Elizabeth is a member of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. She has had an interest in Franciscan Spirituality for over 20 years.