Francis Franciscan Saint Francis Video

Video Portrait of Saint Francis

If this is your first visit to our website and your first time meeting Giovanni di Bernardon, who became Saint Francis of Assisi this video will be a nice introduction to the man who in his time inspired so many to follow the life of Christ and whose spirit lives on today in all those with a Franciscan Heart.

For the next 11 minutes, sit back, relax and discover the life history of the man who bought faith from the monasteries of the 13th Century into the lived lives of the people of Assisi, Italy, Europe and beyond.

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The first music track that accompanies this video is “Fa Mi Cantar L’Amor de la Beata” – “Let Me Sing the Love of the Blessed One”.


Translation of Lyrics : Italian to English


Fa Mi Cantar / Iesu Cristo Glorioso
Laudario di Cortona
Let me sing / Jesus Christ in glory
Laudario di Cortona
Fami cantar l’amor di la beata,
quella ke de Christo sta gaudente.
Let me sing the love of the blessed one
That rejoices in Christ.
Dami conforto madre l’amore,
et mette fuoco et fiamba nel mio core:
K’i’ t’amasse tanto a tutte l’ore
k’io me transmortisse spessamente!
Mother, give me comfort and love,
and put fire and flame into my heart
that I may love you so much always
as long as I live
Femina glorïosa sì benigna
null’altra se ne trova tanto degna
come se tu madonna c’ai la ‘nsegna
del Creatore altissimo vivente.
Glorious woman so kind,
no other is found so worthy
as you, Madonna, who have the mark
of the most high, living Creator
Splendiente luce d’ogni mondo
di ‘ffin lo cielo di sopra et in profundo
und’ogne core sta ‘llegro e iocundo
di quel c’anno la mente a Dio intendente.
Resplendent light of all the world,
of Heaven above and the depth below,
may the heart of he whose mind
is turned towards God, be glad and happy.
Confortami di te Madonna mia
et giorno et nocte a l’ora de la dia,
come se’ dolce a chiamar Maria
ké par ké rimbaldisca tutta gente.
Comfort me, Madonna,
and day and night at the hour of the day,
gentle Mary,
through whom all men are given courage.
Madre de Cristo piena di scientia
in vöi e solazo gïoi’ e sapienza,
per pietà ci dona cognoscenza
ke sempre teco sia la nostra mente
Mother of Christ, full of knowledge,
in you is solace and wisdom,
in mercy grant understanding
that our mind may always be with you
…Iesu Cristo glorïoso,
a te sia laude e çechimento,
ké, per nöi, surreximento
facesti, victorïoso!
Victorïoso, el terço die
facesti surreximento.
Per unger le tre Marie
il tüo corpo, al monimento
Andar, cum pretïos’unguento.
L’angel dixe: “Nonn-è quie:
in Galilea, ke surrexio,
vöi precederà gratioso.”
… Jesus Christ in glory,
to you be praise and honour,
that for us arose
in resurrection, victorious!
Victorious on the third day
you rose again.
To anoint your body
the three Marys came to the sepulchre,
With the precious oil of the dead.
The angel said: “He is not here:
he has risen and gone before you
into Galilee”.


Lyrics © Oni Wytars Ensemble
Video Compilation : Vincent Cole

Elizabeth is a member of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. She has had an interest in Franciscan Spirituality for over 20 years.