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Krakow Church St Francis of Assisi

On the road leading to the main square of Krakow Wawel Castle, is the 13th Century church of Saint Francis.


St. Francis’ Basilica (Bazylika Św. Franciszka), Krakow, Poland – Also known as the Franciscan Church.


Click photo for full length image depicting St Francis receiving the Stigmata at Mount La Verna in 1224


The above window shows the six-winged Seraph who appeared before Saint Francis and below Thomas of Celano describes when Francis received the Stigmata whilst at Mount La Verna, in 1224 two years before his death.

“When the blessed servant of God saw these things he was filled with wonder, but he did not know what the vision meant. He rejoiced greatly in the benign and gracious expression with which he saw himself regarded by the seraph, whose beauty was indescribable; yet he was alarmed by the fact that the seraph was affixed to the cross and was suffering terribly. Thus Francis rose, one might say, sad and happy, joy and grief alternating in him. He wondered anxiously what this vision could mean, and his soul was uneasy as it searched for understanding. And as his understanding sought in vain for an explanation and his heart was filled with perplexity at the great novelty of this vision, the marks of nails began to appear in his hands and feet, just as he had seen them slightly earlier in the crucified man above him.

His wrists and feet seemed to be pierced by nails, with the heads of the nails appearing on his wrists and on the upper sides of his feet, the points appearing on the other side. The marks were round on the palm of each hand but elongated on the other side, and small pieces of flesh jutting out from the rest took on the appearance of the nail-ends, bent and driven back. In the same way the marks of nails were impressed on his feet and projected beyond the rest of the flesh. Moreover, his right side had a large wound as if it had been pierced with a spear, and it often bled so that his tunic and trousers were soaked with his sacred blood.”

Thomas of Celano 1230 First Life of St. Francis – 1230

Video Source: Vimeo – Feb Productions Pictures
Photo of church interior: The Catholic Church of England & Wales

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